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Human Resource counseling

  • Organizing integrated HR activities.
  • Full recruitment service
  • Propose and implement specific HR modules such as proposals for appropriate organizational structures, job descriptions, personal metrics and balanced score cards, development, motivation and assessment.

One of the key fundamentals for the successful achievement of the corporate targets are high quality and motivated human resources. We see our task in helping our customers to fully exploit the potential of their human assets. This can start in a target-oriented proposal for an organizational structure, the identification of clear competencies and responsibilities as well as the assessment of management potential, proposals for reward and motivation schemes and the associated performance assessment. Finally it can lead in a refined set of corporate policies and procedures to reflect the corporate culture. 

A typical issue during the recruitment process can be a missing or very vague job description. We can guide our customers through the recruitment process during which we will help in formulating the requirements for the position, review the previous work experience of the candidates, apply psychological and behavioral tests to assess their match to the offered position and will also supply information about their development potential. 

Very often organizations spend a lot of effort on the definition of job descriptions, but lack in the documentation of key performance indicators and associated metric systems. 

During our long management experience we have developed skills to identify plausible and realistic measurement criteria for a wide variety of positions and thus can help our customers in an improved and motivation supporting review and assessment system. We have experience with the implementation of balanced score cards, not that much on the IT-side but rather in the area of defining realistic and achievable personal targets with the associated measurement systems. 

Some of the typical Projects which we supported in the area of HR counseling were:

  • Definition of senior position job descriptions with associated key metrics for a large insurance company
  • Personalizing the corporate key performance indicators for senior positions in EuroTel Bratislava a.s.
  • Definition of senior job descriptions with associated annual plans and metrics for the transformation programme of Slovak Post
  • Recruiting key financial positions for a very large service company
  • Recruiting key account and sales professionals for an investment company