Change cost centers
into business opportunities

With our creative approach to performance impovements, we will help you to identify new business opportunities within or outside your traditional market.

We create solutions
that optimize your business

Different to many other consulting companies, we are ready and willing to not only prepare recommendations but also to take full responsibility for their successful implementation.

Be ready
when it counts

We offer project management with a success guarantee!


Improve the performance
of your employees

Many companies in the western countries have recognized the value of highly skilled employees. You might have them and we can help you to keep them

your competitors

With proper segmentation and campaign planning you can exploit the window of opportunity from the beginning.

Teaching, Coaching, Learning and Lecturing

  • Sales-, Project- and Management training (licensed LIFO® trainer).
  • Coaching of Managers, Executives and leadership teams.
  • Individual learning of languages (German, Slovak)
  • Lecturing of state-of-the-art management know-how for senior university students

We believe in the strong impact of human interaction and communication in supporting the corporate performance targets. For this reason, HIC Slovakia has obtained the LIFO® survey distributor license for Slovakia in 1998. Behavioral surveys are common place in western companies, but only now start being used in Slovakia for the purpose of individual and team development. The behavior of an individual is linked to the personality as well as to experience and environment and as such can be adjusted in order to improve job performance. Thus, the knowledge about personal or team behavioral patterns can help in working better and thus more motivated. We discuss personal strengths as well as perceived weaknesses and show possibilities and measures for improvement. This is most beneficial in an open and positive working environment. 

HIC Slovakia is offering a broad scale of training programmes, which are targeted to improve the personal capabilities to execute complex job requirements. Consequently we focus on sales techniques, presentation skills, facilitation, delegation and communication skills as well as project, management and leadership skills. We use professional tools and techniques and believe in the individual customization of our training offerings for specific customer environments. Consequently, we work as much as possible with our customer's terminology, process and role models. 

Personal Coaching of top executives is a new field in Slovakia, but common place in the western world. The basic problem of a top manager is the fact, that it is difficult within the company, to discuss personal ideas or strategies. The external Coach is a sounding board and helps to frame a specific situation through guided questions. In addition, the coach has a broad knowledge of the market place and similar positions in other companies and can also propose recommendations and actions to be followed. Thus a top executive can develop skills to become a Leader and learn to motivate the management team and employees to move forward and to achieve the corporate targets. 

In the area of Individual Learning we are focusing on, but are not limited to, language learning. Based on the individual interests we prepare a customized set of learning modules and work with the individual in their preferred learning environment. Using different andragogical tools we make the learning environment pleasant and thus increase the individual motivation.