Change cost centers
into business opportunities

With our creative approach to performance impovements, we will help you to identify new business opportunities within or outside your traditional market.

We create solutions
that optimize your business

Different to many other consulting companies, we are ready and willing to not only prepare recommendations but also to take full responsibility for their successful implementation.

Be ready
when it counts

We offer project management with a success guarantee!


Improve the performance
of your employees

Many companies in the western countries have recognized the value of highly skilled employees. You might have them and we can help you to keep them

your competitors

With proper segmentation and campaign planning you can exploit the window of opportunity from the beginning.

Our basic values




Human - we are able to build ciorporate success on the basis of individual success and personal development

Trusted - we are communicating with key executives and thus need to assure confidentiality

Open - if we recommend change, we also need to assure our own ongoing learning

Organizational Change means: to plan today for the successes of tomorrow 

And for this process we need creativity to think in different patterns than in the past and flexibility in assessing strengths and development potential.