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into business opportunities

With our creative approach to performance impovements, we will help you to identify new business opportunities within or outside your traditional market.

We create solutions
that optimize your business

Different to many other consulting companies, we are ready and willing to not only prepare recommendations but also to take full responsibility for their successful implementation.

Be ready
when it counts

We offer project management with a success guarantee!


Improve the performance
of your employees

Many companies in the western countries have recognized the value of highly skilled employees. You might have them and we can help you to keep them

your competitors

With proper segmentation and campaign planning you can exploit the window of opportunity from the beginning.

Project Management

  • Recommendation and Implementation of a corporate Project organization with the setup of a corporate project office 
    (Project Management Office - PMO).
  • Outsourcing of the project management responsibility for complex projects like organizational change, cross-functional change of products and services or implementation of IT systems with a dramatic change in the area of business processes or individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Start-up Management - Project management during the start-up phase of new business entities.

We see Project management as a tool, to achieve the corporate targets within the initially agreed time, quality and the allocated budget. We help our customers in the setup of a central Project office, which supports the effective monitoring and coordination of complex project portfolios and can also be used to streamline the internal methodology and development of project management talent. 

HIC has developed special skills in planning large and complex projects, which require a solid understanding of all stake holders as well as realistic expectation setting towards senior management. We look at, and identify the future "user" and their expectations, we identify potential risks in achieving the defined targets and will then not only manage the project tasks but also the avoidance of risks and the required internal changes within the customer's organization. The milestone plan is used as a tool to assure corporate commitment throughout the project life. 

The implementation assures the definition and later execution of the required project tasks. Especially for larger change programmes we have adopted the use of the dynamic progress plan, making sure that planning effort is used where it is needed (i.e. for today and the next three months). Thus we assure that our deliverables remain realistic and in-line with current needs. The potential extra effort during the project implementation is far lower than the increase in final performance improvements. 

Through open discussions we can assure a high Motivation of the Project Team which is a needed prerequisite to meet the project targets. This makes it easier to integrate required changes or to compensate for unpleasant surprises. 

HIC was asked to consolidate complex and critical projects which have all been finally delivered to full customer satisfaction. 

Some of the typical projects, which we supported, were:

  • Proposal and implementation of a central project office for EuroTel Bratislava a.s.
  • Successfully taking over the responsibility to implement major IT transformation projects for Všeobecná úverová banka und Investičná rozvojová banka
  • Start-up management of a new, time critical product line for Poštová banká, a.s.